As You Like It 

Our 2018 production will be As You Like It, which will be directed by Tatty Hennessy who directed Romeo and Juliet in 2017.

As You Like It feels tailor-made for Shakespeare in the Squares. A joyful, exuberant, witty tale of love and escape, it celebrates the outdoors, music and nature. 

  Our production will be set in the late 60s/early 70s and will have the bucolic atmosphere of a rural music festival – a sort of early Glastonbury (before the commercial elements took hold) where a group of idealistic free-thinkers meet to forge a new way of living, in contrast to the oppressive and conformist way of life dictated by the patriarchal court. This will highlight the juxtaposition found in the text of a reactionary, draconian establishment of unflinching rules and codes of conduct with a freer, more optimistic and open way of living.

The festival feel will translate to the design, too, allowing us totally to integrate our Arden with the squares themselves, letting us go even further in our celebration of these wonderful settings.

Casting will take place in April and we will announce this and further details of the production in May 2018.

Venues for the tour will be announced at the end of January and tickets will go on sale from the end of April.

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