The Tempest

Dates & Times

Our production in Summer 2021 will be The Tempest.


Venues and dates will be announced in early 2021

Sioned Jones

Director’s Note

The Tempest has been described by some as the perfect Shakespeare play. It has the love story of Romeo and Juliet, the revenge, intrigue and plotting of Richard III and the magic, fantasy and comedy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. If the heart of a good play is conflict, this one has more contradictions that you can shake Prospero’s staff at.  It was the last play Shakespeare wrote alone and many equate Prospero’s relinquishing of magic with Shakespeare’s farewell to the stage.

For Shakespeare in the Squares’ production of The Tempest, I was very keen that the aesthetic of our show should appeal to a contemporary audience and most of all, be entertaining. Unlike many of his plays, The Tempest is not set at a time of war, and by the end, our characters have ‘never had it so good’. We’ve swapped Classicism for the classic style of the 1950’s and an island location summons an exotic beat. The marriage of these two is Bossa Nova – The New Wave (of Getz,  Gilberto and Jobim) – when Jazz and Samba were fused to create a new, fun sound for the next generation, living in lighter-hearted times. When our characters finally head back home back to Naples, there’s a familiar refrain we hope you will enjoy joining in with!

Ultimately, what makes The Tempest perfect for me, is that it is not Richard III, Romeo & Juliet nor even A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Spoiler Alert: not a hair is harmed, vengeance surrenders to forgiveness, slaves find freedom, Miranda and Ferdinand get to live happily ever after. Forgiveness and Love conquer all  – and any time in history, who could ask for anything more?

Sioned Jones, London,  Spring 2020



What time does the show start?

We must start at 7pm promptly as we need to be finished by 9.30pm in order to perform during daylight.

Is there catering on site?

It varies from square to square, but details will be sent out approximately one week ahead of the performance.

Are there lavatories on site?

Again, it varies from square to square.

Is seating provided?

Yes, but it is unreserved, so get there early if you want a specific place, or are trying to seat several people together.

Is there an interval?

There is a 15-minute interval, but we can’t extend that or we lose the light, so picnics etc will be more leisurely if taken beforehand.

What happens if it rains?

It is our firm intention that the show goes on in light to moderate rain. In the event of such severe weather that there would be a risk to the cast, we have local wet-weather options on standby, but these would be a last resort.

Is the performance amplified?

No, audience feedback is consistently in favour of as little technical intervention as possible. The cast is very aware of the need to be audible, but we are at the mercy of ambient sound, such as traffic noise and police sirens. Sometimes wildlife adds to the atmosphere!

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